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Let us weave moments of connection with our TeamBonding Workshops, infuse joy into birthdays with Party Activities, or embark on a personal artistic journey through our Private Classes. At BrushFlow, we're not just about art; we're about creating unforgettable experiences that feel uniquely. Come join us and paint your story. Let's celebrate, connect, and create together!

Statue Illustration

Paint & SIP Events

Elevate your artistic journey with our paint and sip Painting Classes for both adults and kids! Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, our experienced instructors provide personalized guidance. Enjoy a creative session in a relaxed setting. Unleash your creativity and book a class for a rewarding and enjoyable painting experience. All ages and skill levels welcome!

Private Parties

Transform your party into a masterpiece with our Painting Party! Led by experienced instructors, our fun and creative workshops require no prior art skills. Book now for a colourful celebration that sparks joy and lasting memories! Interested? Send email to

Brushes Illustration
Canvas Illustration

Team Bonding EVents 

Unleash creativity, strengthen teamwork. Led by professionals, no prior skills needed. Elevate your team dynamics with a unique blend of art and collaboration. Book now for a memorable team-building experience! We can arrange space for you in one of the restaurants we are working with or come to your office! Interested? Send email to

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